Bucket List Challenge

When talking about bucket lists, most people probably picture a long list of dreams one wishes to complete throughout their lifetime. And many may choose not to keep track of them, because they believe that they’ll never be attainable, due to a lack of money, a lack of time, a lack of companions to complete them with, and for so many other reasons. And I see that as a problem.

What is life without goals, dreams, and the hope of success? I not only see a bucket list as a list of wishes, but as a list of things to check off and say, “I did this. I truly lived and enjoyed my life and the freedom of being able to do what what I wish to.”

So that’s my challenge; I challenge YOU, whoever you may be, to complete a bucket list. Whether it’s 10 goals or 100 goals, create a list, a physical list, and complete it, because nothing is ever too far away if you set your mind to it.

Kelly Jo 

Here is my own personal bucket list so far, including some small wishes and some large, and some things I’ve already completed. And I know that it will continue to grow.

Athens, Greece
Knoxville Races
Redwood Forest
Yosemite National Park
Learn to make Creme Brulee
See Saint Louis arch
Go to Ha Ha Tonka and walk every trail there
Create a successful blog (50 or more followers)
Visit all 50 states
Go to universal studios
Go ziplining
Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow
Conquer my fear of horses
Learn to play the piano
Ride in an airplane
Go to Yellowstone National Park
Ride a roller coaster

Hello There!

Hello everyone, my name is Kelly Jo! I’m currently 20 years old and I am currently a Junior in college. I am an English education major with a passion for reading and writing, and most recently, taking photos and cooking. Here at Live, Laugh, Read you’ll get to know me and my reading preferences really well, as well as many other aspects of my every day life. If you ever have any suggestions for books to read, recipes to make, or anything else, feel free to comment. 🙂
Happy reading,
Kelly Jo