Five on Friday

Hello, everyone. I apologize for my absence, but my life has been crazy here recently and I haven’t really had much time to post anything. So here’s my five exciting things that have happened while I’ve been gone.

1.  😀 (For those of you who know me really well, you know what this means.)

2. I get to take the MoGEA on November 12th and if I pass, that puts me one step closer to becoming a teacher. (No, the actual test isn’t exciting at all, but becoming a teacher most definitely is.

3. I have loved being Fellowship Vice President for Alpha Phi Omega and we have done so many interesting things.

4. All of my grades are very good! ( 3 As and 2 Bs)

5. I have learned a lot in the past three weeks and one thing I have learned the most about is just how very blessed I am.


Five on Friday

1. I am OBSESSED with pumpkin pie blizzards from Dairy Queen.
2. I am ready to knock out these mid-terms next week.
3. My 21st birthday is in 5 months and 2 days! (Yes, I am counting down. ;))
4. This semester is my most stressful so far, but I know I can make it through.
5. Be a friend this next week. Pass on some loving words to those who may not always hear what they deserve to.